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Number 1 ranked haunted house in Oregon (Freightfind 2022). Haunted house Portland alternative. Milburn’s is a family owned and operated seasonal haunted attraction and pumpkin patch. Located just outside of Hubbard, Oregon, scaring guests from Portland to Salem and the greater Willamette Valley for the over twenty years.Our two multi-award winning and critically acclaimed haunted house attractions are just 30 minutes from either downtown Portland or downtown Salem. A portion of the proceeds goes to support local high school and community clubs. Scroll down for videos and featured attractions.

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More about Milburn's Haunted Manor:

We are a unique haunted house attraction in a country setting.
This truly sets us apart from the bigger haunted house “mega-haunts” in
the city. We do not have the heavy “through-put” volume
of attendance that the larger haunted houses do. This allows us
to provide a more “intimate” scare experience. Since
we don't have to cram thousands of guests through our
haunts each night we can design for more between-group
spacing. Our passion is to create a more individualized
theatrical experience.

In fact, instead of "haunted house" we prefer to call our attraction “Haunted Theater”

At Milburn's we are proud to say that we are involved in
our community and continue to support local school clubs
and sports organizations. Over the years we have
contributed to clubs at Woodburn, Canby and North
Marion schools systems. Each year a portion of the
proceeds from our haunted attractions goes toward helping
various clubs in our community.

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