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Haunted House Facts

by the ghost writer of Milburn Manor

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The Scary Truth About Big Haunted House Attractions

At Milburn's we are not just a Haunted House, we prefer "haunted theater".  Other haunted attractions, especially those in the city have huge attendance numbers.  Some do 2000 to 3000 per night.  These "through-put haunts" have no choice but push the numbers through in a "conga line".  

You know what we're taking about right? Cause you've probably been to one.

Why Milburn's Haunted House  is Different.

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We actually stop selling tickets if we cannot provide our customers with a minute and a half of group spacing.  We also have rooms within the haunt where we stop your forward progress to re-establish that separation as some groups are slow and others like "rabbit" through. 

For example, mid way through the house is a bedroom with two doors, one to come in and one to go out. We control the "out door".  Only opening it when we are done with you and the group ahead of yours has had a chance to get far enough ahead so that your group does not catch up with them.  Slowing this "through-put" down provides us with more time for theatrics in the haunt.  People love it.

While faster haunts are reduced to two simple scare tactics (drop panels and "jump out and go boo) Milburn's can envelope your group in a more theatrical environment.  

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Our goal is to make you feel like you are a part of a scary movie. 

> With more times at our disposal we can stop you in a room, let a pre-programmed sound and lighting effect occur and then attack your group from various angles.  

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> Then ....when we are done with you we can then open the door to let you advance onto the next event.  This "theater style" of haunting is something our larger competitors cannot do without sacrificing "through-put".

>  Milburn's Haunted Manor is out in the country, which is part of our charm and sets the mood.  Because we are out in the middle of nowhere we will never see the 20 to 30 thousand in attendance that the larger haunts in Portland / Vancouver and Salem. 

So why be like them? We are the haunted house with a different experience.

> On our busiest nights we may have to stop selling tickets to provide this experience.  But if we were to provide the same through-put, jump out and go boo haunt...then people would just simply go to one of the closer haunts. 

> Instead we offer something more personal, more intimate.  Which is what we feel people want in a good haunt.  Would you like to feel immersed in this type of the experience? Or, be a part of a conga line looking at cool sets?

>Milburn's is a PG13 event and offers two haunts, The Manor and The Dark.  Two very different haunted attractions.

Our Packages and Amenities Rock

Milburn's offers a total package of seasonal Halloween fun. Our Graveside Grill offers up a variety of deep fried carnival style foods.  Never frozen, always fresh made to order.  Curly fries, deep fried snickers, Zombie donuts, corn dogs and more.  Of course they also sell hot apple cider for the cooler nights and a variety of pop, candy and chips.  Dining is available under our covered dining area in case it is raining.  Milburn's also offers a moonlit pumpkin patch so your family can purchase a few pumpkins on our your way out.

With two haunts offering our "haunted theater" experience, covered lines, dining and common areas, full concession and a moonlit pumpkin patch, dark country ambiance, Milburn's offers everything the seasonal thrill seeker is looking for.  

We are the haunted house with a different experience.